Greenline 1M Maxibag is a powerful industrial vacuum fitted with the Longopac continuous bag system. The continuous bag system allows the waste to be easily contained and removed simply by tying off the bag, and cutting it off.

A new bag is then created by pulling the longopac downwards. The benefits of this system include complete containment of dust and also the ability to bag-up and easily dispose of large quantities of waste quickly.

Greenline 1M Maxibag is available is designed for use on construction sites and is fitted with both a 1500W auto-start power tool takeoff socket and also a yellow Arctic Cable lead as preferred by contractors to help avoid trip hazards.


  • 20m Longopac β„’ continuous bag collection
  • Powerful 1.2kW two stage high speed turbine
  • 1500W power tool take-off
  • 2470 mmH2O Vacuum 210 m3/hr Flow
  • β€œSelf cleaning” Polycarbon pre-filter
  • Gas strut supported tank – lowered for transport.
  • 60mm tangential inlet with hose latch
  • 2.5m x 38mm hose with retainer


Greenline 1M Maxibag is fitted with the same filter clog warning light as the other Vacuum Cleaners in the Greenline M-Class and H-Class range. The antistatic ploycarbon filter protector helps prevent clogging of the main filter. It’s non-stick properties allow dust to fall away each time teh machine is switched off.

Greenline 1M Maxibag collects waste into the main tank which is separated from the collection bag by a one-way dump valve. Each time the machine is switched off or the weight of the contents reaches the maximum, the dump valve opens discharging into the Longopac bag.

The bag is contained within the maneuverable trolley, but as it fills it is pulled away allowing the waste to be tied off and then separated and disposed of.

Greenline 1M filters comply with BS EN 60335-2-69 2012.


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