Quirepace have  completed an installation through a UK major contractor, to supply and install three Centralised Vacuum Cleaning/Bulk Removal Systems.


These are for another a UK Power Station, this time for a new biomass materials intake facility. The first of the three systems is for the rail intake building where hose connection points have been provided on the ground floor, basement floor and sub-basement floor levels.

They have been sized for a single operator using a 76 mm bore hose and tool, carrying out heavy duty vacuum cleaning and bulk spillage removal of the wood based biomass materials.

A second system has been installed in the product processing building and the third in a conveyor tunnel beneath the storage silos, running the whole length of the exiting conveyor.

A total of 40 hose connection points are connected to the three pipe work systems.Each of the three systems are identical in their concept, comprising a filter separator having a rotary valve for continuous discharge of the collected materials, high level and explosion relief panel. The motive air being generated by a positive displacement exhauster, this is powered by a 22.0 kW motor housed within a force draft ventilated acoustic enclosure.

Each system is controlled by an electrical control panel housing the required starters and sequenced control for the operation of the system.