Quirepace BVC handed over a major project to a UK power station, enabling the β€˜clean up’ and recycling of spilt materials.


The requirement was to supply and install a number of fixed pipe work systems in coal conveyors and buildings, which handle the coal from rail delivery up to the boiler bunker penthouse where a fixed pipe system was the only solution.

With the installation of these pipe systems used in conjunction with the mobile skips and vacuum plant, this has brought an extremely cost effective solution. An additional benefit is that all materials collected by this system can be returned to the coal stockpile, making savings on a precious resource.

Ten pipe systems have been installed, each of the pipe systems were designed for 2 people to carry out heavy industrial vacuum cleaning operations and bulk removal duties, removing products from the floors throughout the coal reception and processing facility.
Coal is accelerated from a static condition by an airstream and conveyed through the pipe work were an interceptor skip located at ground level, this is where the majority of the material is separated.


Coal Clean Up