Quirepace has completed two projects within an EfW (Energy from Waste) facility in two completely different areas of the process.


For the first requirement, areas on the facilities โ€˜viewing floorsโ€™ needed to be cleaned. Household waste is delivered into the facility and an overhead crane processes it. This constantly causes convection making light dusts rise and settle at high level within the area; primarily on the viewing floors and on the mobile crane.The system has been designed for 2 people using 51 mm hoses and tools for general cleaning of floors and building structure. One hose connection point has been provided on each of the three view platforms with two hose connection points along the access walkway above so that cleaning of the cranes can be achieved.

Due to the span the overhead crane has to serve, the system has been designed allowing for up to 22.5 metres of flexible hose to be attached to any hose connection. Two further vertical pipe extensions have been provided; one to each of the air intake filter areas for cleaning purposes.

Motive conveying air for the system is being generated by a BVC Centurion Ti80 industrial vacuum cleaning machine powered by a 15.0 kW motor with the machine being protected from overheating by a vacuum relief valve being located in the pipe work upstream of the inlet to the machine.

Displaced air is filtered within the BVC โ€˜clear flowโ€™ filtration system and particles collected within a removable bin at the base of the unit which is provided with a bin balance arrangement for use with plastic liners. Full plastic liners are then removed from the bin which can be sealed and dropped over the viewing platform wall returning it into the household waste below.

The facility is not zoned under the ATEX Directive however BVC included for a number of features within their machine including antistatic filtration media and a stainless steel inlet baffle ensuring static dispersion thereby reducing the potential of a spark being generated if a ferrous particle was removed by the system.

The second application is on the ground floor of the facility beneath the two boilers where there are four platforms; each of these have been provided with a simple pipe work system provided with a vacuum relief valve. At ground level another industrial vacuum cleaning machine has been provided. This application for one operator uses a 51 mm bore flexible hose and tool connected to a BVC Centurion Ti80 industrial vacuum cleaning machine powered by a 7.5 kw motor.The bulk of the material being handled is inert ash which is collected in the removable bin at the base of the unit, which is fitted with a certified โ€˜lift and tipโ€™ forklift attachment which enables the client to remove/transfer/and tip the material for off-site removal.