We have completed a heavy industrial Centralised Vacuum Cleaning System into a recycling facility which strips down cars, recycling all materials for onward reuse saving the majority of materials from being land filled.


The system sized for 2 operators using 76 mm bore hoses and tools able to employing a hose length of up to 15 metres in length carrying out bulk removal duties. Alternatively the system can be used by 4 operators using 51 mm bore hoses and tools carrying out general good housekeeping cleaning operations employing a hose length of up to 22.5 metres in length.

Consideration had to be given to the light but bulky products which are present on the production equipment and building structure for the selection of hose sizes and onward filtration.

Due to some of the materials being bulky, light and fibrous plenty of space was needed between filters, this ensures that product is released from the media and has space to drop down for dispensing from the vessel. Tubular fabric filters were selected for this application. Reverse air jet cleaning is used to keep them in optimum working order during operation. Products are continuously dispensed into the clients skips below the outlet of the separator. Explosion protection and level control has been provided.

Motive air for the system is generated by an exhauster package which is powered by a 30 kW TEFV EFF1 motor located on a self-tensioning drive arrangement, guard filter with pressure differential switch and all necessary auxiliaries and assembled within a force draft acoustic enclosure reducing noise emission levels to below 78 dB(A) at 1 metre measured under free field conditions.