Quirepace recently supplied five BVC Centurion Ti80 industrial vacuums to an international car manufacturer.


These are to be employed on their production line for cleaning car bodies using robotic technology for the removal of small pieces of weld spatter and other foreign matter.

In order that the machines can be located together and away from the production line stream, they will each be supplied with a pipe work system connecting them each to their dedicated robot on the production line. The machines are provided with electrical control panels specifically manufactured to meet the clientโ€™s production requirements, with the robot being in charge operating the vacuum machines as and when required.

Although the amount of material to be removed by the vacuum units is relatively low, materials are conveyed to a collection bin located beneath the BVC โ€˜clearflowโ€™ filters, these automatically clean on shut down of the machines.

Positioned between the primary โ€˜clearflowโ€™ and the inlet of the exhauster will be an absolute HEPA filter. Motive, conveying air for the machines is generated by a BVC centrifugal multistage exhauster unit which has a proven track record for reliability when operating under continuous arduous conditions with the machinesโ€™ each powered by a 7.5 kw electric motor.

Vehicle production auto-clean