BVC multi-stage and side channel blowers from Quirepace, have been used successfully within the aquaculture industry for many years.


From fish hatcheries in England that supply course fish to the sport & leisure industry or to the Isles of Scotland where fish and shellfish are reared for human consumption, clean air is a necessity to ensure their healthy life and Oxygen is essential for the well-being of fish and other aquatic life. Oxygen depletions are the most common cause of fish deaths in ponds.

One of the market-leading fish hatcheries has recently installed BVC side channel blowers to replenish oxygen levels in their ponds during the summer months, with the added benefit of knowing that the same system can help to reduce their ponds freezing over during severe winter conditions.

An increase in temperature during the summer months means a reduction in the oxygen levels in the water, which can prove fatal for the fish and a disaster for the hatchery and the business too. Introduction of clean dry non pulsating air can replenish the oxygen levels in the water and provide an ideal habitat for fish to flourish and grow.

The Fish Hatchery utilises a BVC side channel blower which is connected to an underground pipework system that serves the dozens of ponds on the 23 acre fish hatchery site, and strategically placed pipe work manifolds around the fish ponds allow connection to flexible hoses that extend to different area of the ponds. Fixed to the end of the hose is either a β€œleaky pipe” which is a porous hose that concentrates and dissipates the air bubbles into the water or as an alternative the flexible hose is connected to an β€œair diffuser”; valves at the manifold are used for effective balancing of the system. The leaky pipes and diffusers are best deployed close to the bottom of the pond but raised above the silt level.

Since the introduction of BVC blowers, the fish hatchery has seen a noticeable improvement in the water quality, their fish stock, and a definite reduction in fish death. Oxygen is essential for the well-being of fish and other aquatic life.

BVC side channel and centrifugal blowers can be operated on a manual or automatic basis; an inverter or variable speed controller can be programmed to control the output of the blowers at varying times of the day or night. This not only allows you to control the maximum air output when you need it (blowers ramp up during the hottest hours of the day and the blower reduces speed when the temperature drops) but also has the added benefit of reducing energy consumption of the business.

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