BVC ATEX Vacuum Cleaners for Firing Ranges - 12-03-18

The Technical Advisory Section of The MOD Defence Infrastructure Organisation have issued a renewed endorsement for BVC ATEX rated Vacuum Cleaners for use on small arms firing ranges.

Technical Advisory Section (TAS) are acknowledged as the UK MOD subject matter experts for the design of safe range infrastructure for small arms ranges and as such are the sponsors and authors of Joint Service Publication (JSP) 403, Volume 2. TAS are therefore one of the best placed to comment on, and endorse materials for ballistic use and equipment used in or within small arms ranges.

The dust hazards associated with firing ranges relate to lead and unburned propellants. From (JSP) 403:- “So as neither to create a risk from lead and unburnt propellant to cleaning staff or other personnel nor to spread contamination, cleaning the range … is to be by damp sweeping or, preferably, by a vacuum cleaner approved specifically for indoor ranges

Quirepace are pleased to confirm that TAS have reviewed the BVC equipment offered  and “upon this review it is considered that the Quirepace ATEX Rated vacuum cleaners are suitable for use in MOD Indoor Ranges as part of a holistic cleaning regime.”

All ATEX rated BVC Vacuum Cleaners suitable for use on firing ranges are equipped with multi-level filtration with HEPA filters tested to BS 3928 and conforming to HEPA H14 classification under BS1822 & ISO29463. Whilst all ATEX models have similar HEPA filtration, machines can be individually tested and supplied with appropriate “Type H” certification under BS5415 if requested.

Appropriate models for firing ranges are ATEX IV40D & IV40H; IV60D and IV60H