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“Healthcare” isn’t just hospitals, but clinics, nursing homes, doctors surgeries, and Supply Chain. Many Quirepace products are specifically designed to meet the particular requirements of Healthcare customers.

Hospital Intralogistics

Many of the products that Quirepace offer are designed to automate hospital intralogistics. Payloads for transportation within hospitals are many; from the smallest blood sample to heavy consignments of fluids and other stores.

Quirepace have solutions for all applications. For small payloads, Pneumatic Tube Systems are the proven solution. For medium payloads from 5-50kg, many hospitals globally are using Electric Track Vehicles, and for heavier payloads up to 600kg, Automated Guided Vehicles or Automated Mobile Robots deliver cost-effective solutions for payload distribution.

Well designed Hospital Intralogistics Systems have the capability to provide robust, efficient and reliable automated transportation solutions.

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Pneumatic Tube Systems

Pneumatic Tube Systems are used throughout the NHS and Private Hospitals to transport specimens, drugs, documents and other small payloads. Today, Pneumatic Tube is found in virtually every hospital and is an indispensable transport service provider, efficiently connecting all the Wards and Departments.

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Automated Guided Vehicles

Within Hospitals, AGVs deliver automation to the repetitive distribution of Food, Waste, Linen, Stores, Sterile and Pharmacy Supplies, and provide excellent return on investment.

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Uniform Management Systems

Uniform Management Systems are automated systems for dispensing, recovering and managing stock of all types of garments. Equipment is available to handle folded or hanging garments. With more hospitals moving towards using scrubs as the standard garment, efficient stock management minimises wastage and loss whilst ensuring garments are always available when needed.

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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Many of the BVC range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners incorporate high-performance filtration designed for Healthcare applications.

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Centralised Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Centralised Vacuum Cleaning Systems present many advantages when compared to portable vacuum cleaners.

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Exhausters & Blowers

Exhausters & Blowers find applications in many applications where gas extraction or air pressure  is required.

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Electric Track Vehicles

Electric Track Vehicles are ideally suited for bulk transport of specimens and drugs.

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