This special vacuum cleaner christened β€œAardvark” was developed for a customer with a particularly hazardous product to recover.

Aardvark is a Multistage Industrial Vacuum Cleaner designed to recover hazardous products safely by utilising several filtration stages each with a different performance to target:- bulk recovery, microscopic particles and hazardous gases and vapours.

The primary stage is a cyclone recovery unit discharging into a polythene bag which is designed to recover the majority of the product to be cleaned. This primary stage is fitted with an air bypass to maintain the location of the bag and aid retrieval.

The secondary stage is a dual filter stage combining a high performance particle filter enclosing a stainless steel internal drum combined with an activated charcoal filter acting against hazardous gases.

The third stage is another HEPA filter that protects the final discharge from the BVC multistage vacuum pump.

As a special product “Aardvark” can be configured with various filter permutations and in this format can be delivered with either a 1.1kW 230v or 2.2kW 400v power unit. Of course, as a special product this concept could also be scaled up or down for particular applications.

If you have an application for an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with a requirement for a particularly high specification, contact us to talk to our specialist sales team and find out how we can help you.