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Within the world of Commerce, Quirepace products find many applications. Banking, Road Tolls, Offices, Railways, Docks, the list is almost endless.  Have a look at our range of products in more detail, and then contact us to find out how we can help your organisation.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The BVC product range from Quirepace provides a solution for every Vacuum application.  BVC machines are extremely robustly built and offer a true industrial quality.


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Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Centralised Vacuum Cleaning Systems present many advantages when compared to portable vacuum cleaners.

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Exhausters & Blowers

Exhausters & Blowers find applications in many commercial applications where gas extraction or air pressure  is required.

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Pneumatic Tube Systems


Pneumatic Tube Systems are the optimum transportation solution for all small payloads up to 5kg.

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Automated Guided Vehicles


AGVs are finding new applications all the time. Contact us and find out how automated transportation can help your organisation.

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Electric Track Vehicles

Electric Track Vehicles provides solutions for secure transport between protected areas. They are also used within libraries and other organisations storing and handling documents and publications.

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