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Quirepace introduce Uniform Management Systems 04-02-16

Quirepace have entered in to a partnership with CentroSistemi to supply and maintain the range of Uniform Management Systems for the automated dispensing, recovery and stock control of Hospital Scrubs, Uniforms, and other garments.

The range of equipment is suitable for both folded and hanging garments. The system uses UHF RFID technology to uniquely identify each garment and consists of a Dispensing Unit for clean items and a Recovery Unit for soiled items connected together via ethernet to Central Management Software.

Automating the process of managing garments minimises waste and loss, whilst at the same time ensures that garments are always available when needed.

Automated Uniform Management Systems provide considerable benefits to all organisations who issue and recover garments to staff and other personnel, including hospitals, hotels, spas, and other leisure and hospitality organisations.