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Project Management

Quirepace have an experienced Project Management & Realisation Team that ensures we are regularly the preferred choice of partner in the supply chain for complex projects.

Quirepace have developed a team capable of delivering substantial projects to the construction and contracting industry sectors. Our internal support teams are able to provide the complete package of project services, from planning, through on-site support, CAD, Documentation and of course, Health & Safety. Our external personnel are all suitably qualified for the various tasks they fulfil, and likewise our installation and commissioning teams are predominantly directly employed and carry appropriate certifications.

As the UK moves towards Building Information Modelling for all Public Sector contracts, Quirepace are already demonstrating our ability to deliver projects to BIM Level 2. On request, all components are available to Architects and Planners as 3D models in all common formats.

Our Project Management Team ensures we deliver on price, and on time, – safely.



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