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Uniform Management Systems

Wherever uniforms, scrubs and other garments are issued, efficiently managing the uniform stock is of paramount importance. Good inventory management ensures that wastage and loss are minimised, whilst ensuring that the correct garments are always available when needed.

In partnership with CentroSistemi, part of the Zucchetti Group, Quirepace can now offer a full range of Uniform Management Systems and Workwear Dispensing Systems to Hospitals, Hotels, Spas, Leisure & Entertainment and any other organisation where garments are issued and recovered from staff and other personnel. Whether the garments are hospital scrubs, coats, trousers, jackets, or indeed items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as masks and gloves, A Quirepace uniform and garment dispensing system can provide a solution for stock management.

Systems consist of three principal elements:- A Garment Dispensing System, A Recovery System for soiled garments, and a Garment Identification System working in conjunction with Inventory Management Software. All Quirepace systems utilise UHF RFID technology which enables many items to be scanned and identified simultaneously. The RFID system combined with the user access identification, ensures that the stock control software can always identify where and who has, each garment. The following pages describe the systems in more detail.


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