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The COMBI IV60 Vacuum Cleaner from BVC. The Medium Sized Industrial vacuum cleaner with some unique features.

Combi is designed primarily for the collection of dust, lightweight solids, and hazardous or difficult materials. Induction motor versions of the COMBI IV60 are commonly used for extraction of dust from CNC milling machines. Offering different combinations of motor and vacuum pump, COMBI IV60 offers a flexible solution for all medium sized industrial applications.



  • Compact design with a small footprint

  • Will fit through a standard single door

  • 110v, 230v, and 400v options up to 2.2kW

  • Single phase supply – inverter option

  • 60 litre capacity

  • Multiple filter options

  • ATEX version available

  • H Class version available

  • Designed for dust, lightweight solids, and difficult and hazardous materials

  • Can be used as fixed extraction, collecting dust from CNC milling and drilling operations.

  • Unique design allows removal of paper bag filter under a negative pressure.

  • Non Stick (PTFE coated) and fire retardant filter material options.


Bag Removal Under Negative Pressure

COMBI’s unique feature is the ability to use a full size filter bag of either cloth or cloth/paper such that the vacuum can be opened for bag removal with the suction motor running and the filter under negative pressure. This ensures that during the emptying process any hazardous material continues to be drawn down into the filter minimising material escape, and thereby protecting both the operator and environment. This ability gives added protection to the operator during bag removal.

As you would expect from BVC, the COMBI IV60 is available with several motor and filter combinations for either 110V, 230V or 400V operation, with motors in the 1.1kW to 2.2kW range. Motors are available as either brushed or induction depending on the option chosen, with the induction motors rated for continuous operation. Choice of voltages and different motor and vacuum pump combinations ensures that COMBI can be exactly matched to the job in hand, without compromise.

The 400V version offers continuously rated induction motors combined with BVC’s proven multistage vacuum pumps, delivering an extremely robust machine suitable for the most arduous environments and workload. The standard filters can be enhanced with HEPA filters for handling hazardous materials. An ATEX  “H” version of COMBI is available for operation in hazardous atmospheres. A steel bucket insert is available which allows extremely abrasive or sharp materials to be cleaned. For example glass cullet.

Several Motor and Vacuum Pump Options

COMBI can be used as the basis for special applications, or even as the vacuum unit for smaller fixed installations. Available with 38mm and 51mm hose options, COMBI can be used with “Y” adapters to create dual suction heads and/or fish tail ends for enhanced cleaning performance. COMBI can be used with an interceptor for increased capacity.

Designed primarily for cleaning dust and fine materials, COMBI is the perfect choice for hazardous atmospheres where the product to be cleaned presents a risk. An ATEX rated version of COMBI is available making it the perfect Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Zone 22 rated ATEX applications.

Like all BVC Vacuum Cleaners, COMBI is manufactured from heavy duty materials and castings, designed for long life in the toughest environments. Quality casters and wheels ensure that COMBI is manoeuvrable, and a handy tray over the motor and pump section is useful for storing tools and accessories.

The robust trolley chassis and ergonomic handle combined with a small overall footprint make COMBI the perfect choice when a medium sized, reliable and robust Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is required.

Applications for COMBI include Pharmaceuticals, Asbestos, Chemicals, shredded paper, and other fine, difficult and/or hazardous materials where the unique filter design delivers significant advantages. Like all BVC machines in the Industrial Range, COMBI IV60 is offered with a 5 year parts warranty.


COMBI IV60 is available as a Class H unit for hazardous dusts


COMBI IV60 is available in an ATEX  version for Zone 22 rated applications



The new IV62 is available as a cordless Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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