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Design and Build – Special Applications

BVC Vacuum Cleaners are manufactured by Quirepace based on designs that have been developed over many years to deliver optimum performance, durability and reliability.

Our expertise allows us to interpret special requests and design solutions to meet special applications. The products that customers want to recover are diverse; of course, for most applications there is a standard machine available, but where this is not the case, Quirepace can adapt and develop special solutions to exactly meet customer requirements.

Our BVC range of exhausters and blowers, manufactured by us in Fareham gives us access to the optimum vacuum pump for the job; our ranges of filters mean that we can always supply the correct grade for the application, and in many cases multiple stage machines can be built with different grades of filter stage.

We can manufacture special tools and accessories to ensure that not only is the vacuum cleaner specification designed for the particular application, but also that the suction power can be properly delivered exactly to the location it is needed, and in a manner appropriate to the intended use.

If you have a difficult or particularly challenging application for an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner then contact us today and arrange to talk to one of our specialist sales team.


BVC CV7 Cylinder Vacuum

The BVC CV7 Cylinder Vacuum is a machine developed from a traditional design, offering features and performance finding unique applications for today's demanding requirements. BVC CV7 is available in several configurations. For hazardous dust collection a HEPA version is available…

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Aardvark – 3 Stage Filtration

This special vacuum cleaner christened "Aardvark" was developed for a customer with a particularly hazardous product to recover. Aardvark is a Multistage Industrial Vacuum Cleaner designed to recover hazardous products safely by utilising several filtration stages each with a different…

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