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Workshop Vacuum Cleaners

Workshops can present particularly difficult waste that requires cleaning and recovery.

For example, Metalworking processes present challenges where swarf has to be recovered often mixed with cutting fluids.  BVC has a machine specifically designed for this difficult application.

Woodworking processes can also produce large volumes of light but coarse waste that requires a carefully designed machine capable of performing the task without blockages, and with enough power and capacity to meet the particular demands.

Our technical sales team will be pleased to discuss your particular requirements and will advise on the best solution. Special adaptations can be provided if necessary.


Metalworking Vacs

The SV45 is designed to pick up engineering coolant “suds” and metal chippings (not spirals). The drum contains a perforated steel basket to hold the chippings/swarf. When the basket is removed the coolant runs out and can be easily emptied. The ‘C’ version incorporates a cyclonic head and is used where the coolant has been largely drained. Whilst the ‘W’ version is designed to extract coolant and swarf and is fitted with a drain hose and stopper.


Woodworking Vacs

The CV200 and CV90 are widely used in the workshop environment thanks to their large capacity and high volume airflow. They are particularly well suited to woodworking and other applications where dry, coarse lightweight debris need to be collected.


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