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Type ‘H’ (Hazardous or Toxic Material)

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When the collected product is determined to be hazardous special filtration and protection must be incorporated into the industrial vacuum cleaner to meet exacting British Standards.

Many industrial vacuum cleaners in the BVC range are available as Type ‘H’ versions for safe collection of hazardous or toxic materials such as asbestos, finely divided silica, active pharmaceutical powders, lead and other heavy metal dusts.

We also have a range of specialist Type ‘H’ interceptors to give a variety of collection options that are safe and simple to empty.



Type ‘H’ version of the BVC IV40 ‘INDY’ industrial vacuum cleaner (shown with optional trolley)

110v and 230v versions of this Type ‘H’ industrial vacuum cleaner are available.

40 litre bin gives longer running time before emptying.

Robust metal construction for long life – a true ‘industrial’ vacuum cleaner

Disposable paper or micro-porous collection bag options for safe, simple debris disposal.


CV28 Commercial range type H version.

110v and 230v versions available.

Robustly built small 28 litre capacity Type ‘H’ vacuum cleaner that is easily transported.

Disposable bags for safe, economic debris collection.

Type H Interceptor

Specialist Interceptors built by BVC to meet Type H specifications

A variety of sizes are available to match collection and disposal requirements and match the BVC industrial vacuum cleaners power.

Robustly built to give many years of safe use.

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