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Turbotron Vacuum Pump

regenerative picPerformance similar to PD pump.

For applications requiring higher pressure or vacuum.

Provide constant flow of air at varying pressures.

Particularly suitable for bulk collection, pneumatic conveying, aeration, fluidization and applications with long run pipe work.




Features and benefits of Turbotron Blower/Vacuum pumps include:

  • Full flow and half flow models available
  • Specially designed to provide continuous flow, pulse free air to 13 psig and vacuum to 14”Hg
  • Single revolutionary impeller achieves multistage compression
  • Extremely high efficiency
  • Quiet Operation
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Only one moving part
  • Outboard bearings virtually eliminate air contamination
  • High tensile aluminium composite housing
  • Corrosion resistant housing
  • Bare shaft or fully motorised
  • Dual cycle models available 50 / 60 Hz
  • Low noise level
  • ‘In-house’ technical support

The unique capabilities of the Turbotron make it well suited to applications from wastewater treatment, aeration and pneumatic conveying to chemical tank agitation and vacuum cleaning. Typical industries for the Turbotron include foundries, plating, plastics, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper and printing.

Don’t forget, specials can be re-engineered or manufactured to your requirements.


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