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BVC exhausters are often linked by hose or pipe-work to interceptors to provide a cost-effective solution to cleaning and extraction operations.

BVC interceptors are available in a wide variety of sizes and options including:

  • Capacities 7 to 205 litres standard capacities plus self tipping fork lift transportable vacuum hoppers up to 1,500 litres if required.
  • Wet or Dry pickup
  • Collection into plastic sacks
  • Filtration if required
  • Filtration options to H type
  • ATEX certified interceptors
  • Oil Drum Heads to turn a standard 205 litre drum into a vacuum interceptor / collection tank


Small stainless interceptor


Small heavy duty interceptors

Oil drum head to convert an open topped drum into an interceptor

Self tipping vacuum skip from 300 litres to 1,500 litres capacity as standard (also available as ATEX versions)

Stainless Steel ATEX approved versions.

An ‘Off-the-shelf’ powerful extractor unit, can operate 24 hours a day

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