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The Electric Track Vehicles (ETV) product range from Telelift Logistics consists of two similar models. Both are conveyor systems with autonomous cars running on a monorail track. UNICAR is used for applications with payloads up to 20kg whereas MULTICAR is a heavier duty system capable of carrying payloads up to 40kg. Both systems can be configured with various styles and sizes of car.


Unicar is a monorail conveyor system that runs on a low profile track and is ideally suited for Security, Commercial and Healthcare applications. The system transports horizontally, vertically, and horizontally overhead. The vehicles are equipped with forward and rear drive. The…

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Vertical and Horizontal movement provides flexibility and frees up floor space. MultiCar is the "big brother" monorail conveyor system to UniCar and transports goods of higher payloads. Its low construction height allows for space-saving installation solutions. The system transports horizontally,…

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