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Recycling & Environmental

Recovery of valuable materials from the recycling process industries is beneficial to both business and the environment. Quirepace have installed several Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems in recycling plants handling a diverse range of materials. The following case studies introduce some of our BVC solutions.

Road to Rail

BVC have completed the supply and installation of two Central Vacuum Cleaning/Bulk Removal Systems at a UK port. Product is imported, transferred to a plant by road transport where it is dispensed into a mechanical handling system which feeds a…

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Automotive Recycling

We have completed a heavy industrial Centralised Vacuum Cleaning System into a recycling facility which strips down cars, recycling all materials for onward reuse saving the majority of materials from being land filled. The system sized for 2 operators using…

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Toxic Material Cleaning System

Quirepace Limited has completed the design, manufacture, and installation of a BVC centralised vacuum cleaning system for the removal of Lead Sulphate, and Lead Oxide which have bulk densities ranging from 1030-1890 kgs/cubic meter. The system comprises six hose connection…

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Pellets and Powder

Quirepace Limited have recently completed the installation of a centralised vacuum cleaning system for a plastic film manufacturer. The system serves two production areas which have a number of multi-platform production towers in them and the towers. The system removes…

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Cleaning Energy from Waste Facility

Quirepace Limited (employing their BVC brand) has completed two projects within an EfW (Energy from Waste) facility in two completely different areas of the process. For the first requirement, areas on the facilities ‘viewing floors’ needed to be cleaned. Household…

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Power Station Biomass Clean Up

BVC have  completed an installation through a UK major contractor, to supply and install three Centralised Vacuum Cleaning/Bulk Removal Systems. These are for another a UK Power Station, this time for a new biomass materials intake facility. The first of…

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Coal Clean Up

BVC handed over a major project to a UK power station, enabling the ‘clean up’ and recycling of spilt materials. The requirement was to supply and install a number of fixed pipe work systems in coal conveyors and buildings, which…

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BVC Vacuum under London in Crossrail

The Crossrail project under London is the largest civil engineering project in Europe. We are proud to say that our BVC model TI80 15kW vacuum cleaner plays an important part of this process. A concrete base is layed onto the…

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