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Gypsum Clean Up

BVC have completed a central vacuum cleaning/bulk removal system for a gypsum producer within their UK factory.

The installed system allows for 2 operators using 51 mm bore hoses and tools to carry out heavy industrial vacuum cleaning operations, or for 1 operator using 76 mm bore hose and tool carry out bulk removal duties of spilt product. There are 28 hose connection points located throughout the client’s facility, comprising 8 floor levels interconnected with a correctly sized mild steel heavy weight pipe work system.

Product is pneumatically conveyed to a filter separator located on the ground floor level, where it is separated from the conveying air.
From the furthest point on the system 90 metres away from the filter separator at a rate of 1 tonne/hour, with this rate dramatically increasing from points much closer to the separator transferring both dusts and granulate being up to 20 mm in size.
The conveying air is passed through fabric filters which are cleaned employing the reverse jet technique to release the dusts dispensing them immediately into a skip unit beneath via a double dump valve.Motive conveying air is generated by a positive displacement exhauster package, powered by a 22.0 kW motor provided with all necessary ancillaries . This is located within a force draft ventilated acoustic enclosure, ensuring noise emission level is kept below 75 dB (A) at 1 metre measured under free field conditions.

BVC were awarded the contract due to the specification and design offered was technically and commercially acceptable and at the clients request BVC were able to show them a
recently completed system installed for another end user.


Central Vacuum Cleaning System

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