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ATEX Central Vacuum System for a Distillery

ATEX Central Vacuum Cleaning System for a Distillery

BVC have recently completed the installation for two Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems for use
within ATEX Zone 22 classified production area for a UK distillery. BVC systems provided the
most cost effective method of cleaning for a multi-floor processing facility for the specified area

The first system was specifically designed for a new processing building handling dry materials. It can be used by two operators using standard 51 mm BVC hoses and tools. The fourteen hose connection points are interconnected with 210 metres of graduated pipe connected back to an 11kW industrial vacuum cleaning machine.

The systems are both provided with BVC Centurion industrial vacuum cleaning machines, designed and manufactured to meet the requirements for using within ATEX Zone 22 classified facilities. The displaced air is filtered within the machine using the BVC ‘clear flow’ filtration system with dirt and particles collected within a drop bin provided with a plastic liner for ease of disposal. On the fixed pipe work prior to the machine is a vacuum relief valve to protect the unit if the system is run against a closed system.

BVC’s experience in the design of these systems has enabled us to provide the client with a cost effective solution that meet the strict requirement of the ATEX Directive. A second system, again designed for the parameters of the building and process it is to serve, is within a grain intake facility. It is sized for one operator using 51 mm BVC hoses and tools. The 4kW industrial vacuum cleaning machine is connected to the graduated pipe work system from the ten strategically placed hose connection points.

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