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Bakery Central Vacuum Cleaning System

Bakery Central Vacuum Cleaning System

A Bakery in the Midlands has invested in a centralised vacuum cleaning system designed, manufactured and installed by market leaders BVC.

The primary reason for the investment was the need to clean up relatively inaccessible areas such as silo penthouses and internal silo tops/bottoms.The method of centralised collection using a static machine prevents potential health and safety issues of machines being moved by personnel up and down vertical cat ladders.

The central Vacuum Unit is a BVC Centurion model Ti80 industrial vacuum cleaner which is powered by a 15kW motor and is located remotely.

198 metres of pipe work and fittings were supplied and installed, interconnecting 18 hose connection points, serving a variety of locations as requested by the customer. Displaced air is filtered within the BVC ‘clear flow’ filtration system and particles collected within an easily removable 80 litre bin at the base of the filter chamber.


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