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Why Quirepace?

Installation of an Automated Guided Vehicle system requires the integration of planning, design, installation, project management, technical, and customer support services. Quirepace Ltd have created partnerships in the UK with some of the most experienced manufacturers and programmers of AGV systems which when complemented by Quirepace’s strengths in Contracting and Project Realisation facilitate the delivery of innovative AGV solutions in the UK.

Formed in 1983, Quirepace have gained a reputation in the UK for delivering successful projects in the M&E sector to a wide range of customers including large Construction Contractors, NHS, and Industry. Not only do Quirepace offer Pneumatic Conveying and Vacuum Technology products that deliver market-leading performance, but also Quirepace have the internal resources to deliver complex installation and engineering projects safely, on-time, and on-budget.

Successful projects rely on successful realisation, and our Project Management teams, combined with our back-office CAD and engineering resources, together with our in-house installation and maintenance teams ensure that Quirepace have the capability to deliver within the UK contracting environment.

Just as important as project realisation, is after-sales support. Quirepace have an established service and support division with over 30 field-based and site-embedded technicians and specialists located throughout the UK.

Quirepace have their own team of AGV sales specialists who can interpret customer requirements and convert them in to innovative proposals. The combination of innovative AGV hardware and software, and Quirepaces established project realisation and after-sales network together demonstrate a comprehensive capability to provide solutions delivering excellent value for money and demonstrable return on investment.

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