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Automated Guided Vehicles

Wherever there is repetition within an industrial or logistics process, there is an opportunity for automation.

Intra-logistics is the organisation, realisation, optimization and integration of internal material flow and logistic technologies. Automated Guided Vehicles – AGVs are one of the intra-logistics solutions offered by Quirepace, alongside Pneumatic Tube Systems and Electric Track Vehicles.

AGVs are a fast developing solution in all industry sectors. Whereas in the past AGV systems relied on embedded and fixed infrastructure to navigate, and hence only tended to be used for established and well defined processes, new technologies have freed the vehicles from constricted areas of operation into a flexible solution that can be easily adapted as demand changes.

Automated Guided Vehicles come in every conceivable shape and size, from small personal “robots” to container handling vehicles within shipping ports. Quirepace and our associated teams of suppliers and specialists offer solutions within the Industrial and Healthcare sectors.

Within industry, AGVs automate the handling of standard pallets and totes, stillages, material rolls and coils, cartons, and many other payloads. The vehicles may either be totally autonomous units, picking up and dropping off payloads as required, or may be designed to integrate with other conveyor and material handling systems. Transaction requests may be manually generated through local terminals, or the AGV system might be fully integrated with external Warehouse Management Systems.

Within Hospitals, AGVs have long been a successful solution in Europe and the US, and have recently been installed by NHS in UK Hospitals. Hospital AGVs carry all the payloads that move repetitively between departments; food, linen, stores, waste, pharmacy and sterile supplies. Reliable and timely delivery of the various payloads helps hospitals run more efficiently and assists in better targeting of other resources.

Image20-300Every AGV system requires integration with the infrastructure of the buildings and systems within the desired area of operation. Quirepace’s specialist sales team can help guide potential customers through the process of determining the exact scope of requirements, and produce proposals with the potential to convert aspiration into reality.

Automated Guided Vehicles are capable of operating 24/7, hence it is seldom difficult to demonstrate fast return on investment, and consequent value for money.

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