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For Construction Sites

A range of 110v Industrial Vacuum Cleaners ideally suited for use on construction sites.

The BVC Greenline 110v range have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of UK contractors. Several machines in this range are “M” class rated as required by HSE for many applications on construction sites.

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  • BVC IV40D 110v

    BVC IV40D 110v

    Very heavy-duty for Dry use
  • BVC Greenline 2-90WD 110v

    BVC Greenline 2-90WD 110v

    230v 90 litre Wet and Dry Vacuum
  • BVC Greenline 1-50M 110v

    BVC Greenline 1-50M 110v

    50 litre M-Class Industrial Vacuum
  • BVC Greenline 1-41M 110v

    BVC Greenline 1-41M 110v

    41 litre M-Class Industrial Vacuum
  • BVC Greenline 1M-110v Maxibag

    BVC Greenline 1M-110v Maxibag

    Industrial Vacuum with Longopac