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Pressing News – 19-02-18

The latest addition to the Quirepace Press Shop is a Verson HME 55 tonne press to complement the other machinery used to manufacture parts for the BVC range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Multistage Blowers.

The Professional Range of BVC equipment from Quirepace is manufactured by us in the UK and we are proud to continue the tradition of UK “metal bashers” turning out high quality parts and components. Manufacturing our own parts enables us to have total control over quality and hence build robust and efficient Vacuum Cleaners, Blowers and Pumps ideally suited for the Industrial market.

All BVC  machines manufactured in the UK are predominantly made from high quality metal components with minimal use of plastics. Metal components not only offer ultimate durability, they are also exceedingly environmentally friendly since metals are easier to recycle than plastics at end of life. All UK manufactured BVC machines carry the unique BVC 5 year parts warranty.

Pictured here is Quirepace’s experienced Press Operator, Nick Short, alongside the Health & Safety Inspector from Industrial Safety Inspections who has just passed the newly installed press as safe to use.