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New M Class Tower TS60M Industrial Vacuum 25-07-17

The Tower TS60 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is now available with M Class certification. The new TS60M has been rigorously tested against all aspects of the relevant standard BS EN 60335-2-69.

M Class Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are designed for “Medium Hazard” dust classes, and are the class of vacuum cleaner required on most construction sites under latest guidance.

TS60M delivers huge performance from the triple motors giving 2.7kW or 3kW of powerful vacuum in the 110V and 230V versions respectively. In compliance with the standard, TS60M is fitted with a warning light that indicates when the airflow drops below 20m/s when using the machine at full power, highlighting that the filter is becoming clogged. TS60M is fitted with a filter shaker.

Like all TS60 units the TS60M is a heavy duty machine with a small footprint and a big 60 litre capacity. This makes it ideal for the larger tasks on construction sites where small personal units just cannot deliver the performance required. The small footprint means that TS60M is easily moved between locations and the large and strong wheels are designed for heavy duty use.

Available with a range of tools, attachments and hose sizes, the TS60M can be configured for your particular application. Contact us today talk to our specialists to discuss your requirements.