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Quirepace introduce the new “Deimos” receiving station aimed at locations where high volumes of carriers are received with sensitive payloads.

An alternative to bench stations where carriers are received lengthwise, the compact dimensions of “Deimos” allow several carriers to be received in an upright position. A carrier soft-arrival mechanism is combined with a powerful linear motor drive to eject the carriers into the receiving area.

“Deimos” is a totally self-contained receiving station, that can be installed on any Atlas Minerva or Neptune Pneumatic Tube System, or can be installed in place of a standard receiving basket underneath either “Saturn” or “Luna” station units.

“Deimos” may be installed either as a floor mounted unit or installed into a bench-top, as required.

Available for both 110mm and 160mm tube sizes, “Deimos” can be configured to receive either 6 or 12 carriers as standard, with other lengths possible.

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