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Hospital Tube System Developments 31-05-17

The Quirepace MINERVA Pneumatic Tube System designed specifically for Hospital and Healthcare installations has been recently enhanced with several new developments which reinforce Minerva’s status as the leading PTS system in the UK.

Space Saving

Space is always at a premium in UK Hospitals, and the latest 110mm version of our DEIMOS station is designed specifically for busy hospital laboratories and other locations receiving high volumes of carriers.

The neat receiving arrangement presents the carriers arranged vertically, whilst an integrated conveyor system gently moves the carriers along as the magazine fills. The magazine can be manufactured in different lengths to suit the space available, presenting an ergonomic and efficient method of presenting carriers, in the order they are received. Goodbye to untidy receiving baskets!


RFID upgrades for older station models

Quirepace Pneumatic Tube System stations are made to last. Although new designs come along, like the stylish SATURN station, many hundreds of the earlier TAURUS design are still in service and are maintainable for the foreseeable future, so unless they are mechanically worn out it makes economic sense to keep them in service.

However, our hospital customers like to also benefit from the latest technologies, so Quirepace are pleased to confirm that the latest “Track and Trace” RFID systems can be retro-fitted to TAURUS stations, providing the same comprehensive carrier management and audit trails as the latest stations and systems.

“Track and Trace” monitors the carrier’s journey, end to end, and validates the carrier’s arrival, logging an information message for any transactions which don’t complete successfully. This announcement can be further broadcast over email or through the BMS system, should this be desirable.

Part of the success of Quirepace equipment is backwards compatibility. We realise that with hospital development monies always stretched, whilst it makes economic sense to replace and extend equipment when required, it is also desirable to keep perfectly serviceable equipment in use as long as possible. For this reason the latest Quirepace MINERVA software is designed with comprehensive backwards compatibility so that it can also control stations from earlier generations of equipment.

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