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Great Ormond Street Hospital – 07-08-15

Quirepace have commenced installation in the latest development at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The Premier Inn Clinical Building is the second of two new buildings that comprise the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Due to be finished in 2017, completion of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre will deliver the hospital’s vision of providing modern facilities for all their acute inpatients, where a parent or carer can stay comfortably by their bedside.

gosh_2bThe Quirepace ATLAS Pneumatic Tube System services the whole of the Great Ormond Street site, and has been extended and upgraded several times. Most recently with the latest MINERVA control system. This latest development extends an already large PTS network to provide the new facility with a transport connection for laboratory specimens and other payloads.

Great Ormond Street Hospital still have to raise funds to complete the project. Find out how you can help.