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Commercial and Office Vacuum Cleaners

Within the competitive Commercial and Office market, BVC present proven designs that deliver reliable and efficient work-horse solutions backed up by BVC’s British manufacturing and after sales capabilities.

Ranging from the enduring CV7 cylinder vacuum cleaner to the large and powerful 40 litre CV40, there is a model within the BVC Commercial and Office range to suit every application.

All models are provided with appropriate tools and options are available for Hazardous or wet-pick up.


  • 230 volt and 110 volt models
  • Durable bodies and robust trolleys
  • Mobile and easy to use
  • Capacities from 7 to 40 litres


This single motor cylinder vacuum cleaner is one of the most popular and enduring machines ever produced. Type ‘H’ unit available for removal of hazardous materials.  Robust outer casing for harsh environments. Dry pickup only.  7 litre capacity.

Supplied with –

  • 3.0m hose
  • 10 x paper bags
  • Crevice tool
  • Carpet tool ‘D’ only
  • Upholstery tool
  • Two piece extension arm ‘D’ only
  • Dusting Brush


Single motor vacuum cleaner for medium commercial premises or large offices.  Dry pickup only. 10 litre capacity.

Supplied with –

  • 2.0m hose
  • 70mm diam Round Brush Attachment
  • Carpet tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Upholstery tool
  • Elbow with air volume control


Single motor workhorse for large commercial premises. 28 litre capacity. Wet or dry pickup (Type H dry pickup only).

Supplied with wet and dry models –

  • 2.5m hose
  • 2 piece extension arm
  • 80mm dia Round Brush
  • Dry and Wet pickup tools
  • Crevice tool


Twin motors (110V) or triple motors (230V) for extra power. Capable of wet or dry pickup. 40 Litre capacity.

Supplied with –

  • 2.5m hose
  • 2 piece extension arm
  • 80mm dia Round Brush Attachment
  • Crevice tool
  • Wet pickup floor tool
  • Dry pickup floor tool
  • Filter bag for dry pickup

CV100 Specially designed to deal with large volumes of liquids

Pump out models have a high quality submersible pump, automatic float switch and ‘see through’ discharge hose allowing continuous collection and pump out – especially useful for flooded basements and tanks or where it is too far to push the unit to the water disposal point.

Specially for wet collection and pumping out

Virtually indestructible and corrosion resistant, thick section, motor head and canister.

Drain hose and stopper for quick liquid discharge.

Stainless steel discharge pump handles particles up to 10mm diameter.

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