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BVC for Broccoli 01-03-17

BVC Exhausters and Blowers aren’t just found in factories, they are used out in the fields too.

Quirepace have recently supplied another batch of specially configured side channel exhauster units for use out in the fields on specialised rigs for cutting and packaging broccoli. The units consist of BVC Fluxjet side channel vacuum pumps combined with 60 litre interceptors and intermediate protection filters which are configured to recover the trim and waste packaging from the wrapping system.

The BVC equipment forms part of a complete trailer-mounted processing rig which is used in the field so that the broccoli can be wrapped immediately after picking to maintain freshness. The trailer mounted equipment is powered by an on-board generator and is completely self-contained. The same technology can be used for other vegetable wrapping applications.

Fluxjet is a small compact side channel vacuum pump designed for continuous operation, and was the ideal unit for this mobile application, providing high performance with light weight and fairly low power draw. Quirepace’s experienced technicians matched this unit to the appropriate interceptor and filter to deliver the perfect solution to meet customer requirements.

To find out how Quirepace can configure our range of BVC blowers, exhausters, separators and filters to provide you with customized solutions, contact us today.