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Operational Benefits

Automated Guided Vehicles in Hospitals have the potential to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve the patient experience.


Productivity Is the starting point for any Return on Investment calculation for an Automated Guided Vehicle System; a direct comparison between transportation costs using other methods and the AGV system. This is based on a time/distance/frequency comparison and compares AGVs to the manual resources required to achieve the same service.


AGVs can be available for operation 24/7/365. The latest battery technologies only require opportunity charging in short time periods, and hence an AGV system can be designed to be on-call every hour of every day to answer the transportation demand. This means that distributions can be scheduled for off-peak periods, without requiring extensive external resources.


AGVs operate to a timed schedule. Whilst the system is primarily “on-demand”, it is a prerequisite that the various logistic flows are scheduled within defined time windows. With accurate scheduling of payload deliveries, it becomes easier to ensure that complementary resources are targeted to the same period. Reliable scheduling equals better use of all resources.

Reduced Building Damage

Even with the most careful manual operators, impact damage to doors, walls, lifts and other structures is inevitable with a manual transport system. Using Automated Guided Vehicles this damage is completely eliminated; AGVs are programmed never to collide with other objects, and indeed the safety systems ensure that these events cannot occur.

Amortization and Return on Investment

Without any necessity for “creative accounting”, an Automated Guided Vehicle system in a Hospital environment should conservatively be able to show ROI < 5 years. Quirepace technical sales team will be pleased to assist in assessing how an installation can improve the efficiency of your Hospital.



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