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AGVs for Hospitals

Automated Guided Vehicles have a proven track record of efficiently automating intra-logistic processes within Hospitals.

The National Health Service has recognised that Automated Guided Vehicles are capable of playing a vital part in delivering the required efficiencies and savings whilst at the same time delivering improvements in overall operational performance.

PT_352 have worked alongside the NHS with intra-logistic systems since the late 1980’s. We understand how Hospitals, and in particular the NHS operates. Our experience of Hospital Logistics combined with our market-leading transportation systems means that we can assist at all stages in the design and procurement process of delivering new hospitals and systems.

Automated Guided Vehicles within Hospitals have the capability to efficiently and reliably automatically transport every payload that routinely and repetitively moves around the Hospital site. However, unlike Industrial applications where the environment is self-contained and highly controlled, the Hospital Environment presents diverse payloads and many unique challenges.

Whether the aspiration is to build a new Hospital on a green field site, or improve the facilities within an established building, Quirepace’s experienced and knowledgeable Sales Team can advise on the benefits of automation and AGVs and can apply our expertise to create detailed proposals capable of delivering value for money and realistic return on investment.

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