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Atlas System – For Hanging Garments

Automation for Dispensing and Recovering All Types of Hanging Garments

The ATLAS System manufactured by CentroSistemi is used throughout the World to manage and control the issue and recovery of hanging garments.

ATLAS can be used in Hospitals, Hotels, Spas, and any organisation where uniforms and other garments are issued to staff and other personnel. The system works with RFID technology enabling the complete monitoring and extensive control of the garments’ movements, from the automatic delivery of clean uniforms to the recovery of soiled items, 24 hours a day. The system consists of:-

  • A Dispensing Unit for the delivery of clean uniforms, scrubs and other garments

  • A Recovery Unit for receiving soiled garments

  • An Automatic Storage system consisting of conveyors and devices for reading, loading and unloading.

  • Management Software to track and control the garment stock


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