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Antibacterial Enhancements for Hospital Transportation 31-05-17

The Telelift Unicar Electric Track Vehicle (ETV) system introduces antibacterial enhancements for hospital applications.

Unicar is the proven solution for payload distribution up to 15kg in Hospitals. Ideally suited for moving all samples, pharmacy products, small stores, medical records and other payloads around the hospital campus, Unicar is now enhanced with antibacterial and antimicrobial systems to ensure the highest level of infection control.

Special paint finishes provide anti-microbial performance, and in-built UV lights supplement the paint systems. Designed to activate when the car is parked and empty, the UV sterilisation system can be programmed to activate at predetermined periods.

Introduced at the same time as the infection control systems, the new H10 and W15 cars have sophisticated new drive systems utilising brushless motor technology to deliver maximum performance with minimum service intervals.

Watch the latest video of the new Unicar system here

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