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Traffic & Task Management Systems


Task Management is the process of matching the payload to the route. The AGV must be instructed what to pick up, and from where, and the delivery destination.






The process of Task management and Allocation may be initiated manually using barcodes or RFID transponders; may be determined automatically using the same techniques; may be a simple “push-button” call system or the task list may be generated through interface with WMS/ERP systems.

Whatever the interface, the outcome is that the Traffic Management Software is programmed with a task for the Automated Guided Vehicle to carry out. The software will manage the process from queuing through transportation to final discharge at the delivery location. In the process, data may be received and transmitted to external systems to advise and inform about the status of the process.

The Control Software must also perform another necessary task – Traffic Management. This part of the control software interfaces with the vehicle’s navigation system and controls the passage of the AGV through the facility. Not only must the control software ensure the AGV interacts with other AGVs in the vicinity, it must also control any external devices and systems that interface with the vehicles route, such as automatic doors and shutters, lifts, conveyors and other components.

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