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AGVs for Industry

“Industry” as a diverse category of application for AGVs includes:- Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Warehousing, Logistics, FMCG, Electronics. In fact just about any factory and warehousing organisation where products move around, is a potential beneficiary of an AGV installation.

In all industries, AGVs present a common set of benefits:-

  • Cost Reductions: Savings in Staff and Operational Costs
  • Transport in any Type of Environment – internal or external
  • 24/7 Working Capability
  • Safe Working Environment – removal of personnel from the trafficked environment
  • Reduce Product Damage – reliable and repetitive handling
  • Increase in Productivity – timely delivery and collection from processing areas
  • Maintain Better Control of Material Management – integration with WMS /ERP systems

Whether the payload is pallets, totes, stillages, rolls, coils, cartons or any other payload, an AGV is available to carry it.

In addition to materials handling applications, AGVs can also be directly integrated into the production process, for example as part of a production line. The flexibility of an AGV system means that alterations and adaptations to the line are much easier and faster to implement than with fixed conveyor and other transport systems relying on fixed and embedded infrastructure.

Have a look at the range of vehicle types available, and then contact us to find out how we might benefit your organisation.


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